Why You Need to Work with a Title Company if Your Property is Torrens img

Why You Need to Work with a Title Company if Your Property is Torrens

calender icon 10/12/2023    poster icon  Mark Goodman

It’s important to conduct a title search on your property regardless of whether it’s Torrens or Abstract property. In this article, we are going to explain why you still need to work with a title company if your property is Torrens property.

Errors in Title

While the Torrens system is supposed to be a perfect title insurance system – it is not. There are numerous errors that can arise in the certificate of title when dealing with Torrens property. Here are a handful of the most common errors:

  • Incorrect legal descriptions

  • The inaccurate owner listed on the Certificate of Title

  • Missing parcels or too many parcels listed

  • Inaccurate dates and document numbers

  • Old mortgage documents listed that don’t have any impact on title

These are just a few of the many errors that can arise with Torrens Property title. If these errors exist and you don’t resolve them before closing on your property, you will be susceptible to someone else bringing a claim against your property. This can result in costly legal fees that could have been avoided if you had worked with a title company prior to closing. That’s why it’s always a good practice to do a title search and get an owner’s policy of title insurance – no matter what type of property you’re dealing with.

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