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Why Title Insurance May Cost More in Some States

calender icon 6/13/2022    poster icon  Mark Goodman

Cost is always on the top of mind for all parties during a commercial real estate transaction. Many people want to know how much title insurance costs. But the truth is that title insurance costs can differ from state-to-state, or even within a state. In this article, we are going to talk about why commercial title insurance can cost more in certain states.

Title Insurance Differences Between States

Costs for commercial title insurance can differ significantly from state-to-state. While the commercial title insurance industry is highly regulated, regulations are different in every state. In many states, insurance premiums are set by state regulators or pre-approved. In some cases, you can deviate from these rates, but in other cases you have no choice but to use the rate by state mandate. To make things even more confusing, filed rates also differ widely based on the specific state in which the transaction is taking place. A commercial title insurance policy for a property in one state may cost $2500, while the same policy for that exact same property in another state may be twice that amount.

Title Insurance Regional Differences

Title insurance cost differences can also exist between different regions within a state. For example, urban areas and rural areas may have their own methods of operating, which may lead to differences in cost.

With so much potential variation in any commercial title transaction, it’s essential to partner with a title company that knows the customs of the state or locality in which your transaction is taking place.

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