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Why Satisfactions of Mortgage can be Hard to Obtain with Torrens Property

calender icon 4/26/2022    poster icon  Mark Goodman

Torrens property comes with its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we are going to talk about one specific disadvantage that crops up sometimes when dealing with Torrens property.

Difficulty Obtaining Satisfaction of Mortgage

With Torrens property, it can sometimes be difficult to obtain a satisfaction of mortgage for a property. There may be a decades-old mortgage on the property record that you are fairly certain was paid off but is not listed as such in the property record. With Torrens property, this mortgage would linger on the Torrens certificate even if the mortgage has been paid in full. Tracking down the satisfaction of mortgage for this type of situation is often difficult if the mortgage is old and the original lender has changed ownership or been bought.

Insuring Over Interests & Liens

That’s just one of many examples of the types of issues that can arise with Torrens property. Despite these potential issues, a skilled title company can still provide you with a title insurance policy to protect your ownership rights in the property. It’s important to work with a title company that has experience underwriting Torrens property so they can precipitate these potential issues.

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