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Why Easement Descriptions Need to be Accurate

calender icon 1/25/2022    poster icon  Mark Goodman

Easements are a common component in title insurance underwriting. Perhaps the most common problem that a title insurer may encounter when dealing with easements is insufficient legal descriptions. In this article, we are going to underline the importance of full and accurate legal descriptions in easements.

The Importance of Full & Accurate Easement Descriptions

In the realm of title insurance, it’s essential that the full and accurate legal descriptions of all involved parcels are included in the easement documentation. If the legal descriptions are invalid, the county recorder or registrar of titles may reject the document for recording.

An Example of a Bad Description

A good legal description of an easement should be easily identifiable by a surveyor. An example of a bad easement description is describing the easement “as it currently exists.” This description is insufficient because it makes it very difficult (if not outright impossible) to locate an easement that was created years ago with such a description.

Don’t Forget to Record the Easement

It’s also important to record the easement itself. If an easement isn’t in the public records, then the public won’t be aware of its existence. In addition to that, a title company will not be able to insure an unrecorded easement.

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