Where Do Private Rights Arise in Commercial Real Estate Transactions? img

Where Do Private Rights Arise in Commercial Real Estate Transactions?

calender icon 2/24/2022    poster icon  Mark Goodman

Private rights may arise in many different places. They can be established in deeds, easements, covenants, conditions and restrictions, leases, and other recorded instruments. They can appear in development agreements or in declarations. In the commercial context, the most common private right we encounter is the right of prior approval of a future purchase or occupant. It is frequently used by an occupant to keep direct competitors or other detrimental businesses or occupants away. 

For example, in a shopping center setting, a fast food restaurant occupying one parcel may not want to welcome a competing fast food restaurant right next door. Therefore, it will seek protect its immediate area (being the shopping center) from encroaching competition by obtaining a right of prior approval of a future purchaser or occupant in order to establish the right to decline to approve a competitor leasing, purchasing, or otherwise occupying a nearby parcel subject to that right.

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