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When to Use ALTA Condominium Endorsements

calender icon 2/8/2023    poster icon  Mark Goodman

Determining when to use specific title insurance endorsements can be difficult. In this article, we are going to talk about when to utilize the ALTA condominium endorsements in your title insurance policy.

Condominium Endorsements

Generally, these endorsements protect against financial loss as a result of the failure of the insured unit and its common elements to be part of a condominium within the meaning of the condominium statutes; failure of the governing documents to comply with the requirements of statutes requiring; present violations of any restrictive covenants that restrict the use of the unit and its common elements and are contained in the condominium documents or the forfeiture or reversion of Title; charges or assessments provided for in the condominium statutes and condominium documents due and unpaid at Date of Policy; failure of the unit and its common elements to be assessed for real property taxes as a separate parcel; forced remove existing improvements because of any present encroachments or because of any future unintentional encroachment between the units and/or common areas; or the failure of the Title by reason of a right of first refusal to purchase the unit and its common elements which was exercised or could have been exercised at Date of Policy.

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