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What to Know About The Torrens Property System in Minnesota

calender icon 2/3/2022    poster icon  Mark Goodman

The Torrens system in Minnesota is administered by the court system. Judges or their agents make decisions on issues involving Torrens property. Most often, judges appoint people called Examiners of Title as their deputies to administer this program. There are also officials called Registrars of Titles who receive the documents, determine their acceptability for recording, and record them against the Certificate of Title. The Examiner of Titles would be the contact party to help determine what you would need to register your property as Torrens, including perhaps:

  • A survey
  • A complete Abstract of Title

Urban vs. Rural Property

Depending on the Minnesota County, there can be different requirements to register a property as Torrens. In Hennepin and Ramsey counties there are full time staffs of these officials (Examiners of Title and Registrars). In outstate Minnesota there are fewer county officials, often part time. Sometimes counties will hire a private law firm or attorney to assist. That may delay the process of registering property. Because you have this patchwork of different people in each county – you’ll encounter different requirements throughout the Torrens proceedings.

Commercial Partners Title

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