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The Most Common ALTA Endorsements

calender icon 12/5/2022    poster icon  Mark Goodman

When you’re looking to purchase title insurance, there are a wide variety of endorsements available to you – each offering a different type of coverage. In this article, we are going to offer a brief explanation of the most common ALTA endorsements used in title insurance.

Form 100

This endorsement adds insurance for specific “off-record” matters. It is an extension of coverage to the ALTA Extended Coverage Loan Policy.

Form 102.4

Form 102.4 is a Foundation Endorsement. It provides assurance that the structural foundations of the property are within the boundaries of the land insured.

Form 102.5

This is very similar to form 102.4, but provides additional insurance that the structural foundations do not encroach upon easements referenced in the policy.

Form 101

This is a Mechanic’s Lien Endorsements that insure against loss if a Mechanic’s Lien establishes priority due to a prior commencement of work.

Form 103.1

Form 103.1 is an Encroachment Endorsement that expands coverage when items listed in the preliminary report can’t be precisely located.

Form 108.7 & 108.8

These forms insure that additional advances secured by a mortgage or deed of trust receive priority.

Form 116

Form 116 is an Address Endorsement that designates the street address of the insured land. It also specifies the type of improvement on the land.

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