The Commercial Title Insurance Process – Closing & Beyond img

The Commercial Title Insurance Process – Closing & Beyond

calender icon 11/15/2023    poster icon  Mark Goodman

The title insurance process has many moving elements. In this article, we are going to briefly outline the end of the title insurance process – including the closing period and beyond.

Closing Time

When the big day comes and it’s time for your closing you may have an in-person closing where you sit down with one of our closing team and documents are delivered and money is exchanged. More often today closings don’t happen in person. Instead it’s all handled via mail or other forms of delivery. In this scenario, you will work with your attorney for document execution and approval.  Once documents and funds are delivered into escrow, and everybody is ready to close, funds and documents will be released.  Invoices and distributions will be made as shown on your closing statement.  After closing, documents will be submitted to the County for recording in the public records.

Once the county receives the documents they review them carefully to make sure they’ve met the recording standards and that they are in fact appropriate for recording. Once the recorder has accepted those documents they have a behind-the-scenes process where they get those documents imaged into the system, indexed into the three indexes they are required to maintain by law, and then they process them and return them to the original submitter.


Once the documents are returned to our office we then process those to make sure again that everything was recorded in the proper order and we undertake any corrective steps that need to be undertaken. We also proceed to finalize your title insurance policies and those are then sent to you along with your respective original documents.