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How to Register Torrens Property in Minnesota

calender icon 7/27/2022    poster icon  Mark Goodman

In the Minneapolis area a little less than half of the property is Torrens property. In out-state Minnesota, it’s a lot less. But how does property become Torrens property? That’s our topic for this article.

Problems with the Property

Usually, people decide to register their property as Torrens when there’s some type of a problem with the property. It could be:

  • A boundary line issue

  • Uncertain ownership issues

  • Or simplify a complicated title history to provide for easier conveyances in the future

In order to resolve title problems you have a couple of options. You can bring a quiet title action to attempt to remedy the problem that exists with the property. The problem with that route is that it’s not necessarily a permanent solution to the title problem. If you decide you want to register your property as Torrens that could be a one-time fix. In order register the property as Torrens, a court action is required. We would strongly recommend hiring an attorney if you wish to convert your property to Torrens.