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How to Handle Insufficient Easement Descriptions

calender icon 2/14/2022    poster icon  Mark Goodman

One of the most common issue that title insurance agents have to deal with when it comes to easements is insufficient legal descriptions. To that end, this article will discuss why accurate legal descriptions are so important and how to handle insufficient or missing easement descriptions.

Why Accurate Legal Descriptions are so Important

In any easement document, it is essential to include accurate legal descriptions for the benefited and burdened parcels of land. This is important because:

  • The title insurer needs to know which parcels are involved in the easement in order to avoid confusion.
  • If the legal descriptions are insufficient the easement document may be rejected by the registrar of titles or the county recorder.

Equally important is the description of the easement itself. An easement description should allow a surveyor to easily locate the easement area. It’s not sufficient to simply describe the easement “as it currently exists” as this makes it very difficult to locate the exact easement area.

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