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How to Amend Language in Your Commercial Title Policy

calender icon 7/20/2022    poster icon  Mark Goodman

In a commercial title insurance policy, the specific language contained in the policy is extremely important. If a person fails to read their title insurance policy thoroughly, it can lead to confusion and frustration in the future – especially if you wish to change any of the language in your policy. In this article, we discuss if and when you can amend the language in your commercial title insurance policy.  

Can You Change the Language in your Commercial Title Policy

When it comes to commercial title insurance, many of the forms used are standardized. That means the language used in the forms is identical, regardless of the title company who issues the policy. That being said, there are some sections that are tailored to the person or legal entity covered by the policy, such as:

  • Property Description

  • Exclusions

  • Exceptions

It’s essential to review these areas carefully to ensure everything is accurate and that you understand everything prior to signing the policy. Never assume that you can amend the language of your commercial title policy after it’s been issued. This can be very difficult – sometimes impossible. It may be possible to purchase additional coverage, depending on your situation, but this is not a guarantee. It’s a good idea to ask questions of your commercial title company before you sign on the dotted line.

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