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How Inexact Legal Descriptions can Cloud Title

calender icon 1/6/2022    poster icon  Mark Goodman

An inexact legal description could result in clouding title to your neighbor’s property. “Clouding title” means making title or ownership to your neighbor’s property doubtful and can result in litigation.

An Example

For example, let’s say that the legal description to your home is Lot 1, Block 1, Minneapolis Addition.  You draft a document with the legal description of Lot 1, Minneapolis Addition – leaving out “Block 1.” If you record that document, you have now clouded title to every Lot 1 in Minneapolis Addition. So in addition to your document showing up in the county records as affecting your Lot 1, Block 1, Minneapolis Addition, that document also shows up as affecting Lot 1, Bock 2, Minneapolis Addition; Lot 1, Block 3, Minneapolis Addition, and so on. Attorneys or title companies looking at title to your neighbors’ properties will find this document recorded against their title. Depending on the document’s significance, it could impair your neighbors’ ability to sell their property or take out a mortgage. You can imagine the frustration and potential legal problems that may result.

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