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3 Roles Your Title Company Fills For You

calender icon 9/18/2023    poster icon  Mark Goodman

Hiring a title company for your commercial transaction is important. Unfortunately, many people aren’t sure what exactly a title company does and why they are essential in a commercial transaction. In this article, we are going to explain what specifically your title company does for you during the course of your commercial transaction.

Title Searchers

One of the first essential roles your title company fills is as a title searcher – performing a title search on your property. Why is this an important step? To identify and resolve any existing defects in the chain of title. Left unresolved, these title defects can potentially come back to haunt you and result in another person bringing a claim on your property.

Title Insurance Issuers

Once your title company has conducted a thorough title search, they will compile their findings into a title report and, eventually, a title insurance policy. That policy will protect you as an owner of any future claims brought against the property you’re purchasing.

Closing Agents

Finally, your title company can act as your closing agent on your commercial transaction. In this capacity, they will make sure that all essential documents are signed by the appropriate parties at closing.

Commercial Title Services

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