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3 FAQs About Plats

calender icon 1/24/2022    poster icon  Mark Goodman

Plats are commonly used in the commercial title industry, but many have questions about how plats actually function. In this article, we are going to answer a few frequently asked questions about plats.

What is a Plat?

A plat (also known as a cadastral map) is a map of land drawn to scale. Its primary purpose is to document how land is divided up into smaller parcels. Plats can also be used to amend the description of a land parcel.

How Are Plats Utilized?

Plats make it easy to visually depict the subdivision of land. They act as a way of simplifying metes and bounds legal descriptions of land – which tend to be quite complicated and difficult to use in common situations. Plats also work as a way of noting subdivisions of land into smaller segments or parcels. This can be especially useful when creating a plan for development of a particular area. Plats can easily denote established roads, easements, alleys, and other public use areas. This is invaluable for all parties involved in planning new developments.

What are the Benefits of Plats?

The greatest benefit that a plat provides is its ability to efficiently translate complicated legal descriptions into a simple map or graphic depiction.

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