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3 Essential Services a Title Company Provides

calender icon 6/20/2022    poster icon  Mark Goodman

A title company performs several vital functions throughout the course of a commercial real estate transaction, but many aren’t aware of these important functions. In this article, we are going to discuss three essential services that your commercial title company provides during a commercial transaction.

Your Title Company is a Title Searcher

Your title company acts as a title searcher. This means they perform an exhaustive title search on your property. This is an essential step in order to find and resolve any defects that exist in the chain of title to your property. If these defects are left unresolved, they can potentially cause major headaches down the line if another party is able to bring a legitimate claim against your property.

Your Title Company is a Title Insurance Issuer

Your title company is also a title insurance issuer. After completing a title search, they will provide you with a title insurance policy. Said title insurance policy works to protect your interest in the property against any future claims brought against the property.

Your Title Company is a Closing Agent

Your title company is also a closing agent. They will make sure all documents are signed by the required parties and everything is buttoned up at the closing table.

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